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What is DMMA Educational Membership?

 The DMMA now offers membership to Educational Institutions. The requirements are: Full Member: Pays a flat annual DMMA membership fee of R6, 000 Appoints a single representative to attend DMMA quarterly meetings   DMMA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Benefits to Members: Apart from the DMMA being recognised as the Online Authority in the industry, benefits Include:  Read more…

Policing Online Publishing – What are the guidelines on Social Media Ettiquete?

Melissa Attree discusses the importance – and necessity – of good social media conduct as featured in Advantage June 2013 _____________________________________________________________________ It doesn’t matter whether you’re behind a computer or chatting on the street – the same etiquette rules apply. However, the problem online is two-fold:  Firstly, the world is watching and secondly – Google Read more…

In reporting EM figures what should be included?

Best practice would be to always include the following: Date range Total for the range or is it daily, weekly or monthly average for the range Local traffic All devices, desktop device, mobile device

What is the DMMA Knowledge Network?

The DMMA’s Knowledge Network is a group led by South Africa’s top digital professionals who aim to promote the use, understanding and development of digital in the media and marketing environment through transformation and training. Dmma knowledge network education and transformation presentation final

How do I get involved in the Knowledge Network?

We have many initiatives planned for the year, including a Job shadowing initiative in June/July any companies willing to take on matric pupils for internships are welcome to contact Theresa via email: tvitale (at) dmma.co.za

Why use QR Codes?

A QR code (abbreviation of Quick Response code) is a type of barcode designed to be read by software on smartphones. The barcode takes information from a transitory media and puts that information onto your smartphone. Once scanned, the QR Code enables a number of functionalities via your smartphone including the following: -          Link directly to a website -          View Read more…

What are the standard banner formats used by online publishers in SA?

Answer: The most popular standard banner sizes offered by local publishers are: (Measured in pixels (px)): Button – 120x60px Banner – 468x60px Double Banner – 468x120px Medium Rectangle – 300×250 px Skyscraper – 120×600 or 160x600px Half-page skyscraper – 300x600px Leaderboard – 728×90 px Sizes offered vary by publisher. In addition, each publisher has their Read more…

What is Crowdsourcing?

Answer: Crowdsourcing is a term that is used to define a method or process whereby a creative solution for a problem is sourced from an undefined crowd rather than a single contractor. Banish the mindset that “Creative” MUST equate to “art” or “design” – in the face of realization that all industries are constantly faced Read more…

Why should SA brands be advertising online?

Answer: The proliferation of the web (desktop and mobile) allows astute marketers and advertisers to tap into a medium which offers creative, engaging and effective advertising solutions. Online and more recently, mobile advertising are some of the most powerful and interactive advertising mediums available today.