Q & A


Why have we implemented an FAQ for quoting of data in media releases, any other dealings with the press as well as in any documentation or promotional material

In order to entrench a common measurement standard and make it easier for advertisers to plan and buy online inventory, it is critical that all DMMA publisher members and their respective sales houses or representatives quote the same metrics when referring to their website traffic. Quoting other metrics has the effect of undermining the common standard Read more…

Which data are DMMA members to quote?

The DMMA endorses Effective Measure as the exclusive data supplier to our member base as well as the Effective Measure data as it appears on Telmar, we therefore recommend that members include only EM traffic data in all media and press releases and any documentation or promotional material which refers to traffic data.  Only where certain granular data Read more…

Which EM stats need to be quoted w.r.t. website data?

Traffic should always be quoted as a full month (reference to which month is being used), the total for that month from local traffic, across all devices. Members may include total traffic in addition to local but where this is the case, it must be clearly referenced.

Which EM stats need to be quoted w.r.t. mobile data?

Mobile sites may report on total traffic since there are well known issues with trying to use GEO-IP data with mobile devices (many devices go through international data centres and hence cannot be classified to a single country.)

Do we quote most recent EM data?

Yes stats should be most recent data, though we understand members may refer to peak periods of traffic which need to be clearly defined and stated

How do EM averages work?

Averages are provided through the Effective Measure dashboard and can be daily, weekly or monthly for any period specified. If an average is reported it should be stated that it is an average and what the date range or period of that average is.

Am I allowed to quote data from other measurement sources?

The DMMA insist on members quoting only Effective Measure data, though when needing to look at trends in growth and needing comparative data which is not available on EM as the DMMA  implemented the EM system in April of 2011, members may refer to other measurement sources. These sources need to be clearly stated and Read more…