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What is DMMA Brand membership?

The DMMA now invites Brands to join it’s membership base.

In South Africa, Big brands are generally stronger and more active in traditional media. Over the years defensible bodies of understanding and generally accepted standards have been developed. In addition, there are mechanics & governing institutions have made it possible for brands to participate.  The same levels of understanding and adoption are yet to be developed in the digital arena. In an attempt to build confidence that will lead to higher levels of understanding and more valuable degree of engagement, it is necessary to plug brands into a digital marketing ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of agencies, educational institutions and channel owners.

VISION – To create, lead & moderate empowered conversations about technology and marketing.

MISSION – To substantially increase the participation of South African brands in the technology and marketing ecosystem.


1. Invitation to 2 learning presentations

a. Cross Sharing of information with our other DMMA areas of expertise.  – Education, Agency and Media Owners present and engage with big brands.

2. Invitations to industry benchmark events

a. The Loeries Seminar;

b. The Bookmarks Seminar;

3. Annual access to:

a. Industry Rate cards;

b. Case studies;

c. Best of  breed information, models and content about marketing and technology – both locally and internationally;

d. DMMA ‘s annual research;

e. Access to global IAB research;

f. Effective Measure Dashboard;


The DMMA Head of Brands is Musa Kalenga

To apply for membership, email info@dmma.co.za