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Cold Press Media is a dynamic and fast-paced media company with a heritage in traditional publishing. Offering a strong focus on business-to-business communication, Cold Press Media has evolved the business model that assists clients in building their brand through the benefits of a diverse range of business-to-business media platforms.

Leveraging our thorough understanding of sales and marketing, we have fine-tuned media solutions that deliver focussed, cost-effective and highly measurable results ensuring that our clients obtain optimal performance on their marketing activities.

Cold Press Media provides tailored marketing solutions that extend any companies brand, product and service to the corporate market as well as add value to the relationship with its customers.

Cold Press Media publishes the following:



Financial Mail Essentials | GREEN BUSINESS


Financial Mail Essentials | B-BEE


Financial Mail Essentials | CORPORATE ESSENTIALS


Financial Mail Essentials | HR & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT


Financial Mail Essentials | EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS


Financial Mail Essentials | SAFETY & SECURITY


Financial Mail Essentials |BUSINESS TRAVEL AFRICA


Financial Mail Essentials | EXECUTIVE RETREATS