CONTENTUM delivers crafted, strategic content to create conversations and engage with the desired audience on various media platforms. Also known as inbound marketing; content marketing is a discipline that can work with traditional marketing but in a far more cost effective and efficient manner.

A fundamental shift in consumer behaviour has put consumers firmly in control of the information they receive and how they choose to receive it. These savvy consumers are relying on Google, the social media networks with which they interact and their friends to source product reviews and recommendations.

Hence, traditional advertising do not yield the return on investment it once did.

What is needed now is a well designed website with a simple user journey and relevant, engaging content that gets refreshed regularly.

A successful content marketing strategy and management will deliver lead generation, thought leadership, market education, improved brand awareness and retention, increased interaction with the brand, improved brand loyalty and more importantly, conversion.

Contentum offers a specialist service where the starting point is always identifying the desired outcome on which the content strategy is based and against which the deliverables are measured.

Contentum. We share brand stories.