DO IT NOW is a digital publishing company featuring adventure, sport and lifestyle content. This is presented through various platforms including daily updates on the latest news, event information, galleries, results, videos, and more, weekly reports compiled of top stories and the monthly DO IT NOW Magazine (PDF and App format). Updates and articles are enjoyed by readers of all ages and features entertaining, educational, and inspirational content on just about anything and everything related to adventure, sport, and lifestyle activities and events at home and abroad. In addition to providing timeous content, readers have the option of reading the beautifully designed, exclusive articles in plain text and PDF format – #readityourway. All content is available on the DO IT NOW Website,


This is complemented by DO IT NOW’s Media Platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) which are used to keep readers up to date, in the know, and entertained daily. Readers can also choose to receive the weekly report, dinFO Weekly, in their inbox every Friday, by subscribing to the dinFO Weekly newsletter, online.




DO IT NOW Digital Media Production

  1. Daily news and event updates
  2. Weekly PDF articles (
  3. Weekly plain text articles (
  4. Monthly interactive & PDF magazine (Apple iTunes, Android & Kindle Fire(Amazon) featuring articles published during the month
  5. Events calendar
  6. Event media coverage
  7. Category pages on a wide range of topics
  8. Galleries
  9. Videos

10. Social media updates (Facebook and Twitter posts, video, gallery, updates, and entertainment)


More information:


1.     Weekly digital PDF articles for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This option is great for people who prefer to read the articles in a fully magazine-styled design. Pages can be flipped, thus giving it an authentic magazine feel, and also contain additional links to video content, bringing the story to life. Top features include a pageable magazine-styled format, with live links, and video content.


2.     Weekly plain text articles for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This is the perfect option for browsing through the content, as it doesn’t waste the readers’ time or money by having to download other content they may not be interested in. Features include plain text articles, with interactive links, photo galleries, and video content (where relevant).


3.     Monthly interactive DO IT NOW Magazine app for tablets and smartphones (Apple and Android devices). This version is ideal for app-savvy users who prefer to read the magazine as a whole and in an interactive manner or in a pageable PDF format. Top features include creative layouts, video content, live links, additional information, photographs, and search functionality.


Additional benefits include:


Events Calendar and Event pages – These pages, on the website, focus on a wide variety of events and activities throughout Africa.

Competition page – This page, on the website, focuses on various exciting competitions, with great prizes to be won.

Category pages – On the website, you will find 20 different categories that showcase visual galleries and videos, as well as related articles and information on specific sports, adventures, and lifestyle activities.

Facebook – Hourly updates and entertainment.

Twitter – Updates during weekend events, as well as notices during the week about what is hot and happening.


Contributors to the magazine include professional sports men and women who enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge, as well as ordinary people who do extraordinary things. With such a vast range of topics, all complemented by quality photographs, no two issues are the same, thus ensuring that our readers are hooked from beginning to end.