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FaraiMedia is the authority in connecting brands to their online and mobile audience!

We are an advertising network which specializes in delivering online and mobile ad campaigns exclusively to African consumers. We connect brands to the “right consumer at the right place and at the right time” using a reliable, rapid and responsive Ad delivery platform. We bring advertisers’ marketing message directly to their customers in their digital environment of choice.

FaraiMedia is the web’s fastest growing “African-centric” publisher network reaching 16 – 40 year olds; delivering African news & entertainment, music, movies, celebrity, pop culture & fashion to enthusiasts worldwide!

Through the lens of our network of premium publishers, we connect audiences with each other and to their brands of choice, to share in the cultural conversation and capture the pulse of diverse segments of Africans!

Our digital properties as well as our publishing partners provide rich, compelling experiences across multiple media channels including online video, mobile, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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