jam Factory

Jam Factory Advertising roots its reputation in being your biggest fan.

In the multimedia marketing arena, we buy only front row tickets. We love the smell of challenge. We eat stress for lunch. We thrive on deadlines. We want to see, hear and taste the success of our clients.

Jam employees are over-the-top enthusiasts whose skill-competitive nature forces them to never-ever sit still on the digital playground.

Our work atmosphere oozes vibrance, saturation and contrast. Our work ethics radiates loyalty, professionalism and proficiency. Our team spirit exudes determination, passion and complementation. Each day, we carefully seize all of these qualities and store them in the cavities between our office walls, so we can free them on a dry day. Luckily, it’s never been dry in Knysna.

We also have an office pet called Creativity. If we don’t keep him on a short leash, he easily runs away with us. But we love him and feed him lots and lots of sweet ideas. He’s always very hungry. People have commented that he borders on being obese.

We can tell you more about how awesome we are, but then it might sound like we’re just bragging. So we’ll leave it at that.