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Search Online Consulting

Search Online Consulting is an Online marketing company specialising in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions for companies as well as advertising agencies.
Services offered include:
• Website Design
• Website development
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Google Pay Per Click (PPC)
• Facebook Pay Per Click
• Social media communication
• Lecturing
• Project management
• Hosting

A unique factor for SOC is the multi-tiered execution model for all the above listed services.
Box solutions often fail within companies as every organisation is different and thus requires custom engineered service offerings to maximise results.
The services offered are done so in a three tiered approach that allows the client a choice:
1) Consulting- We advise and create solutions based on research and trends
2) Training- We offer skills enrichment so that others can grow their knowledge relating to online
3) Implementation- Often resources are not available to implement solutions, SOC has the perfect team to help make the strategy a reality!
Guiding clients to a complete online media understanding and converting that into tangible results is what we do best.