vibrant media

Vibrant Media is a below the line agency that specializes in engaged communication for brands in the following areas:

• Design

• Databases

• Distribution

• Event Administration

Brands need to engage in meaningful communication with their consumers, as opposed to just flood them with irrelevant information. Keeping brands engaged in communication is what we’re all about; that, and being vibrant in our work.

Our design department makes sure that your brand’s message sparkles, pops and wows with the right audience. The Decision Makers database is what helps set your sights on a target audience. It’s one of the most comprehensive databases in South Africa, giving you the opportunity to create your own database of clients, from Black Diamonds all the way to CEO’s.

Reporting statistical data seems to have become as big as the distribution aspect of email marketing. Get all the nitty-gritty statistics of your campaign with a  dedicated account manager; we’ve found that one port of call makes people want to be “all aboard!”

Planning an event can be a crouching crisis, hidden headache for anyone. We take that burden off your shoulders by handling the administrative side of things, such as email invites, reminders (email and SMS), invoicing, guest list management and much more.

Get more bang from your marketing bucks. Become more Vibrant.