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Realmdigital extends their digital service offering to include digital marketing and more

Leading e-business strategy and technology provider, Realmdigital, has launched new digital services to ensure the provision of a complete end-to-end digital strategy. Our new services include digital marketing solutions, content conversion and an image server.

Digital Marketing Solutions

The digital marketing service offering aims to optimise businesses through the implementation of creative, intuitive and innovative digital marketing strategies. Some of the digital marketing solutions offered include PPC, SEO, Content Production, eNewsletters, Social Media Management and Marketing Reports. A strong focus will be on optimising our clients’ returns on all their digital marketing spends, enabling them to effectively market their business online. “2014 will see many companies increasing their digital marketing budget,” says Suhaifa Naidoo, Marketing Manager, at Realmdigital. “Up until now we have only offered our clients a more architectural approach at developing their online businesses but this year we are extending that to include all aspects of digital marketing. Marketers who have bigger budgets to play around with can harness the power of all marketing activities to deliver a higher return on investment.”

Content Conversion for effective digital publishing

The increasing amount of publishing clients using Realmdigital developed solutions sparked the development of our content conversion services; clients can increase their content’s value by making it interactive or simply converting books to eBooks, including formats and operating systems of Apple, Android, Kindle, and Kobo devices, as well as Web formats such as PDF and ePDF.

“Realmdigital’s digital expertise and close ties with the publishing industry have positioned us to be the ideal digital partner to advise and assist our clients in navigating the rapidly changing digital publishing landscape. The natural next step for us was to extend our digital offering to encompass digital conversion and digital content production services,” comments Simon Bestbier, Account Manager, at Realmdigital.

Image Servers

Realmdigital’s Image Server makes updating and maintenance of client websites faster and easier, as well as enhancing their site speed and reducing bandwidth use; essential particularly for eCommerce websites that often require multiple sized or cropped versions of the same image to be served on demand.  We have found the Image Server to work particularly well on retail eCommerce sites with a large product catalogue that require multiple images per product.

If you would like to find out more about any of our new services, then please get in touch with us directly or take a look at our website