Digital Divas is looking for next generation coders

If you’re 12-14 yrs old, we’ll teach you how to code HTML for FREE on Women’s Day!

The Internet has changed the world, career options for our kids 5 years from now will not be the same as they are today. One thing is certain, as long as the web exists, the developers and engineers that build it will be in demand.

The fields of web and software development are currently male dominated. In the recently released Digital Power Index, only 7 of the 100 people honoured as the most influential in the tech world were female. Why?

Some people say girls just aren’t interested in technology, well they are. They care about it and they want to get involved. Women use the Internet 17% more than men and create two-thirds of the content on social media sites, yet only 14% of computer science degrees are earned by women.

Digital Divas, a South African organisation promoting women interested in tech, is hosting a half day workshop where 7 developers from the top digital agencies in Africa will donate their time to teach girls between the ages of 12 and 16 from all backgrounds the basics of code.

The Divas aim to show girls the benefits of choosing development or engineering as a career, through personalised tutoring and inspirational talks from young women already moving and shaking South Africas tech industry. All at no cost.

If you are a parent or guardian of a girl(s) between 12 and 14, register your interest now.


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