Presentations from the DMMA 1st Annual Publisher Conference in association with WoodWing & APS

The DMMA in association with WoodWing and APS hosted its 1st Annual Publisher Conference in Cape Town and Johannesburg on the 8th and 9th of October respectively.

Dynamic speakers covered a host of topics relevant to digital publishers, click on presentation links below to download:

Tim Spira – DMMA Head of Publishers: Insights from MIXX 2013 and the IAB Global Summit.

Richard Webb – CEO Effective Measure: DMMA Presentation (Johannesburg) RWebb – 9 October 2013

CT – Melissa van Zyl – Connection Analyst M&C Saatchi Connect:DMMA Annual Conference_Buying Digital, a media planners perspective

Jhb -Scott Gillham – Regional Director Advertising Information Services (AIS) Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa: AIS Online presentation for DMMA

Roan Mackintosh – Acceleration publisher services in South Africa: DMMA Publisher Conference Presentation_Roan Mackintosh_Acceleration_October 2013 The new advertising ecosystem  Once upon a time there were publishers, agencies and advertisers. The internet age did away with all that simplicitynand foist a confusing array of intermediaries into the online advertising landscape. Networks, exchanges, RTBs, demand-side platforms, programmatic marketing… what are these things, why are they important and what will their impact be on the future of online publishing?

CT – Athar Naser – Head of Content Division, Juice Content at Primedia Online Innovations: DevelopmentsinDigital2compressed A Parrington ATHAR_DMMA Native Advertising – EDIT in content marketing including native advertising, technology, and new business models.

Jhb – Loren Braithwaite-Kabosha from the SA Communications Forum: Increasing ICT competitiveness and usage in South Africa: the Challenge and Opportunity 

Andrew Parrington – Sales & Marketing Manager Automated Publishing Services: Developments in Digital Publishing Pres A Parrington

Extra – access the TopCar application created by APS at

Mike van Eck – DMMA Head of Measurement DMMA Measurement Portfolio